Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality will build a building with a 3D printer and concrete system developed with domestic facilities. The work, whose software belongs to the municipality, has reached the final stage. So, a 300 square meter structure can be built in 15 days.

ISTON, which is affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will build a building with a 3D printer, all of which are produced with domestic facilities. The concrete used in the construction was also developed by the engineers working in ISTON. The work has reached the final stage.

Officials announced that a 300 square meter structure was completed in 15 days with two robotic arms. Under favour of the developed concrete, there will be no need for sound and heat insulation.

A large number of domestic and international orders were received said  Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

ISTON had completed a 150 square meter building in one week with using 3d printers.

Three-dimensional houses are more environmentally friendly, they are more time and cost-efficient than traditional constructions, as they do not have walling and molding workmanship. It is sufficient to have technical teams of two or three people in the buildings constructed.

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