Timber Doors



Our timber doors use the latest production technology in their manufacturing, locking hardware and paint finishes, so you can be assured of a quality product for your project. Our dealers made significant investments in design tools and machinery, and now all of our doors are manufactured on a computer-controlled automated factory, which is the most efficient and accurate method possible. This allows us to keep our prices low and our quality high for our clients. After machining, each door and frame is assembled, painted, glazed and quality checked by QA/QC team.

What Is Timber Door?

Timber doors are the classic choice for your home. Timber is perhaps the oldest material used for doors, and there are many good reasons why timber is still used today. Timber is strong, secure, and environmentally friendly and with proper maintenance will last longer than uPVC, aluminium or composite doors.

Why to buy Timber Door?

There is nothing more beautiful than timber for building a door. Whether it is a timber framed bifold door or a solid timber door, timber is the most aesthetically pleasing material with which to build a door. Timber with a clear finish allows the full beauty of the timber to show through. This is a very natural look that helps integrate your project with nature, especially if you have green areas widely in your project.

The various types of timber doors require very low maintenance and are of an extremely high quality. Numerous respectable manufacturers provide high quality hardwood products. Most manufacturers use toughened safety glass on the various types of doors. This makes them highly secure and hence a preferred choice of many clients. A majority of the manufacturers also install high quality adjustable locks and fitch fasteners. These features enhance the security of the products to a considerable extent.

A number of manufacturers specialize in creating various types of timber doors and made to measure doors that have good thermal performance. The products are double glazed and weather sealed in order to enhance their insulation capabilities. Timber is a natural insulator. It helps you save on energy costs when heating or cooling your home or business. Unlike aluminium or other materials that transfer heat ultra-efficiently and are like insulation in reverse, timber helps your place stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

How you may have Timber Door?

A number of timber front doors consist of bespoke detailing. There are numerous kinds of front doors that may vary in their designs and panel styles. The other varieties of front doors include the ones that have patterned obscured glass, leaded doors, acid etched and stained doors.

Folding doors generally consist of intricate details which are exhibited in their quality and appearance. They have a discrete finish which enhances their appeal. Timber doors have certain unique specifications which are hard to match. This makes them a preferred choice of many clients.

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