Many companies are still working without devising a standalone Business-2-Business (B2B) marketing strategy for their construction business. Read More key global Key Global Chairperson Kürsat Muratli came together with young engineering candidates in the webinar on “The Future of Blockchain Technology in Engineering” organized by Kocaeli University Map Engineering Club... Read More A team from the National University of Singapore (NUS) who’s working on the idea of producing green concrete from waste materials, trying to develop greener and more sustainable concretes to reduce the impact of the aforementioned percentages that harm the environment. Read More ISTON will build a building with a 3D printer, all of which are produced with domestic facilities. So, a 300 square meter structure can be built in 15 days. Read More key global Read More
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As per trade potential we discovered in the region, our adventure began with exporting.

We have been actively exporting construction materials to the Turkish Republics and the Middle East countries since 2014. Our first export kicked off with the delivery of interior fit-out and decoration materials to a gulf country, Qatar. Later, we expanded our exports to the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Azerbaijan countries.

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With our dealerships from UK and Turkey, we supply high end products. And with our partnerships from the region, we support the supply chain of manufacturers.

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We turned the trade gaps that emerged after the European Union leave in our favour.

After Brexit, companies in the UK searched for business partners from different countries outside Europe. We have evaluated this process well and have met with companies that manufacture construction materials in England. By concluding these negotiations successfully, we signed dealership and supply contracts.

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What Our Company Deems Important

  • We are a company that deactivated intermediaries and reached raw materials

  • We have competitive prices as we work with main manufacturers

  • We have dealership agreements with large companies that are respected in the industry

  • We have staff to offer architectural solutions

  • We can provide after sales support, not just product supply.

  • We guide to the right way with our consultancy experience

  • We provide the right solution with our engineering team

  • We enlighten with our industry experience

  • We do not keep knowledge and experience as a secret

  • We are here not only to do business, but to educate

  • We have a transparent structure, our word is our essence

We Listen

For years, we have been solution partners in the search of efficient semi-finished products & raw materials for construction material manufacturers. By contributing to those manufacturers supply chain, we were able to reduce their procurement costs.

Competitive price searches of construction material manufacturers in the United States and the United Kingdom are always ongoing abroad. In Turkey, China and India, we provide services to construction material brands with companies performs production in international standards we engaged.

We Support

We support the construction material brands in Global market by increasing their turnover. We managed to expand the customer portfolio by contributing to the sales and marketing network of the brands through our dealership agreements.

Interior fit-out and decoration material providers in the UK and Turkey are continuously seeking market expansion. In Turkey, Qatar and the UK we promote construction material brands with our sales & marketing team.

For your kind enquiry to our products and services, our team will get in touch with you very shortly.

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